Overnight stay

Grangiro has selected the most comfortable and characteristic accommodations for you. After a day spent outdoors pedaling you want nothing else but to relax and to delight yourself with the culinary specialties of the area. The quality of the structures, in the given category, may vary from location to location. Any city or tourist taxes are always payable locally by you, since they cannot be paid by the Tour Operator.

At the table!

Are your mouths already watering? Great, because the menus all boast extremely good food! We require our suppliers and partners to use only genuine products sourced mainly from the territory you will be exploring: so, expect the most authentic and delicious culinary experiences!

Please check which meals are included in your chosen tour program.


Ready to jump on the saddle? You will have to reach the tour meeting point with your own means. Please note that the finishing point at the end of the tour will not always coincide with the point of departure. In this case (only for the free adventure programs), the cyclists will have to make their own arrangements for further travel. We are always at your disposal to plan and book extra nights on arrival and departure, and transfers to and from airports or stations.


Many of our tours are itinerant and provide overnight stays in different structures at each stop. What about your luggage? No worries! You won’t have to worry about it… every night you will find it yout room. Furthermore, so your cycling can be completely carefree, all luggage is especially insured.


Grangiro dedicates a complete 360° care and attention to its tour. We select consolidated and high quality partners to provide all the technical support, and logistics & services that will make your holiday such an amazing experience. Do you need specific help? Here are some of services that can be activated on request:

On-line booking support for air/rail travel.
Ticket Packages (museums, theaters, shows, other entertainment, visits and extracurricular activities).

Cannot find the service that is most useful? Contact us now, and we will strive our best to fulfill your wish.