Our philosophy

We believe that the best way to visit a territory is to delve into its heart, off the beaten paths, in direct contact with the local life, to discover the customs and traditions that make each place so unique in the world. Doing this with your own means allows you to enjoy every moment of the trip and guarantees that, through all your senses, you will be satisfied by the full experience.


that we have for our territory and all that its exploration entails (food, culture, nature).

By fair means

as in the discovery of the world around us with our own means.


in the selection of our routes and the related offerings.


so as to better savour the journey with all the senses.


which we believe is the base of any relationship with customers and partners.

With us you will be able to ride or walk at your own pace, to enjoy the breathtaking views, to stop to explore the treasures of the area, to get in touch with the people and especially to enjoy the taste of traditional food prepared for you by the local chefs.

Why choose GranGiro

Travelling on bicycle with GranGiro you will discover a new way of visiting places

We call it a “journey of the senses”.

With GranGiro you can be gratified by travelling with your own energy whilst being guaranteed the safety and comfort of enjoying every moment of your holiday with no worries.

We select routes and paths that are accessible to anyone in reasonable shape or who is willing to get back into shape gradually.

A collection of enriching experiences

Each stage was chosen for the historical and cultural significance, the particular food and wine, and the charm of the place.

The accommodation facilities are selected based on their authenticity or uniqueness. It’s a perfect mix of activity and relaxation! Because at GranGiro we believe that a vacation should be a collection of enriching experiences, for the body and for the soul.