In GranGiro we have worked on every detail to allow anyone to enjoy this experience

How? For example, by proposing bike tours with shuttle assistance and pedal assisted e-bikes that will help you churn endless miles for days even without strenuous training! For those who are familiar with bikes and feel more trained we propose modern grand tour bikes that are high quality, light, robust and very reliable. You may also choose to use your own bike and, if you like, you can send it beforehand so we can mount it.

A typical day with GranGiro

If you’re wondering what a typical day is like with Grangiro, here is a story from one of those who have already tried.

Ore 8:30 – “A ray of sunlight bursts through the window in my bedroom, I turn around, I kiss my girlfriend and I savour the smell of coffee, warm croissants or maybe a toast with fresh eggs from the hens in the barnyard below”

Ore 10:30 – “Riding on my saddle I tackle the climb that leads to the belvedere viewpoint … I must overtake the dentist from Amsterdam … I am so competitive…and I find it embarrassing that my partner with her e-bike manages to keep glued to my tail!”

Ore 13:00 – “We’ve come to an amazing spot on top of a hill, where a small chapel dominates the Monferrato. A sea of rolling hills covered with vineyards and bordered by castles and farmhouses stands beneath us and in the background we can also see the snow-capped Alps. On the tables there are boards of affettati, cheese and jams … we need to toast to this beauty, where’s my glass? After all we are in the land of Chardonnay and Arneis, and besides, I beat the dentist!”

Ore 14:30 – “a short nap in the shade of a chestnut tree and a good coffee; then Matteo (the guide) announces that we’re heading toward Crea, a sanctuary surrounded by a park where century-old oaks and ash trees are standing. While others visit the park and its 23 chapels hidden in the vegetation, I will treat myself to a fatigue relieving gelato … This challenge with the dentist is becoming serious!”

Ore 17:00 – “after a thrilling downhill ride we arrive on the estate where we will be spending the night. A dip in the pool before the aperitivo and the tasting of local wines is what it really takes. My partner opts for a soothing massage instead … I do not understand quite why since she seems to be in better shape than me! Maybe it’s the e-bike …”

Ore 20:00 – “Tonight we do the cooking! Tagilolini with porcini mushrooms: yesterday it rained a bit so they sprung up in bunches! Good, fresh and collected in the woods of the estate. I mustn’t overdo it or tomorrow the dentist will have his payback … but hey, but after all we’re here on vacation, and he is also nice a nice guy!”

Ore 23:30 – “The cook who taught us the secret of his tagliolini is just so great and a source of incredible stories about the place and its inhabitants. I am lingering on my last nightcap of grappa… obviously with Franz (the dentist) with whom we are now good buddies and it seems indeed that my partner is even somewhat jealous … I’d better go to sleep: tomorrow, with Franz, we opted for the long version of the leg”

The Right Route

The routes proposed in our tours have been accurately selected and tested. We have purposely chosen back roads and, in some cases, easy and short dirt tracks to privilege the views and, of course, your safety. The distances indicated for each stage/step are indicative, especially on the Self programs, where giving or taking a kilometre is simply a matter of your individually selected detours.

What's The Weather Like?

In each destination we choose the period of the year in which the climate is generally mild and fair with temperatures that vary between roughly 15C° and 25C° (59F° to 80F°). We suggest that you pack a set of heavier clothes and something waterproof. In the Guided tour a shuttle bus will recover you from any point and take you to destination in case the weather turns bad.